TB/HIV/AIDS Infection Coping Strategies in Nigeria
 /  TB/HIV/AIDS Infection Coping Strategies in Nigeria

TB/HIV/AIDS Infection Coping Strategies in Nigeria

Anochie Philip Ifesinachi, Onyeneke Edwina Chinwe, Onyeozirila Anthony Chidiebere

Background: At least 7 out of every 10 persons living with Tuberculosis (TB) and Human
immune deficiency virus (HIV) infection in Nigeria’s rural communities live below poverty
level. Most suffer from malnutrition and die. What coping mechanisms must be designed
for households, the primary care units, for the effective management of the pandemic.
Aims and Objectives: The main aim and objective of this study is to evaluate and determine
the cultural, social and economic conditions of TB/HIV/AIDS patients and how they are coping
with the disease in a rural community in a developing country using Nigeria as case study.
Materials and Methods: Given the prevalence of cases of TB/HIV infection in Nigeria’s rural
communities, a case study of Mbaise rural area in Imo state, South-East Nigeria was developed.
Over several weeks, visits to chest clinics and health facilities of 675 active TB/HIV infected
patients were made, including interactions and interviews with the patients to study their cultural,
social and economic conditions. Focus group consultations, interviews and discussions were
held to assess needs and situations using well structured questionnaire. Data was analysed using
descriptive statistics and budgetary analysis. Results: Negative cultural strains and endemic
poverty severely restrict positive household response to the caring of TB/HIV infected patients.
In the absence of medical care and welfare, the burden of caring is too heavy for the household
to carry.

Conclusion: There is need for a sustainable, institutionalized programme involving
government rural development agencies, community leaders, and rural health professionals in
order to achieve poverty alleviation, medical support and awareness of TB/HIV prevention and
control methods.

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Biological Sciences
Tuberculosis, Human immune deficiency virus, Rural communities, Developing countries, Household, Coped, Nigerian case study
Christian Bassey
18th April, 2018
18th April, 2018

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