Quantitative Determination of Sugars in Three Varieties of Cassava Pulp
 /  Quantitative Determination of Sugars in Three Varieties of Cassava Pulp

Quantitative Determination of Sugars in Three Varieties of Cassava Pulp

Monday Abel Otache, Godwin Kparobo Agbajor, Ambrose Emuobonuvie Akpovona and Blessing Ogoh
Aims: Carbohydrate stands out among the various classes of food synthesized by plants. It has the
highest proportion in cassava tuber which is a staple root crop in many developing countries,
especially in West Africa. This research is aimed at determining the sugar contents in cassava
tuber. In this examination, the sugar contents were further analyzed at the development phases of
the tubers.
Study Design: The root tubers of three cultivars which included TMS 98/0581, TMS 98/0505 and
TMS 98/0524 from Otukpo Local Government Area, Benue State, Nigeria were investigated. The
samples were collected in triplicates. Samples were collected between the month of November to
Methodology: The starch and sugar contents were determined by techniques described by
Results: The outcome from this finding uncovers that the Cassava varieties studied had
appreciable quantities of sugars and starches. The result shows the following ranges of values
amongst the varieties: total sugar (4.02 – 5.58)%, non-reducing sugar (2.74 – 4.24)%, reducing
sugar (0.28 – 0.34)%, sucrose (2.60 – 4.03)% and starch (27.98 – 38.34)%. Variations were
observed in the sugar content with sucrose and reducing sugar recording a mean value across the
varieties of (0.82 – 4.15)% and (0.83 – 2.03)% respectively from November – March.
Conclusion: Reducing sugar and sucrose are important sugars in cassava, which serve as the
immediate product of photosynthesis and the fundamental requisite for the synthesis of sucrose.
Results from this finding, will be used to enlighten farm extension workers on the requirement for
improved photosynthetic process, as a way to build starch yield in cassava tuber. This research will
also be used as a pointer in enhancing better awareness on the right season of harvest targeted
towards improved nutritional yield in tubers.

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Biological Sciences
Mineral Analysis
Sugar; sucrose; starch; cassava; carbohydrate.
Christian Bassey
18th April, 2018
18th April, 2018

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